Thursday, March 15, 2007

First Night - Report

I should start off by confessing that despite my best intentions, I did wind up walking by La Zona Rosa, the club where Peter Bjorn and John were headlining last night. And I was discouraged to see the size of the turnout -- really, it was astonishing. This blog has a lot of work to do. I went by around 10 p.m., at a time when most of the clubs on Sixth Street were just getting started, and there was a huge line that stretched for maybe fifty yards. La Zona Rosa is really pretty far out of the center of town, too, so most of these people walked a long way. I have to ask: Who are these people? I spent a while lingering around, watching the people line up, trying to figure out just what the matter with them was. Really, it was a standard collection of hipster jackasses, with tight jeans and chunky glasses; people who no doubt had just read about Peter Bjorn and John on some stupid music blog (or on this blog -- and yes, I'm aware of the irony, assholes, but my philosophy is that you need to educate people and let them make their own choices, foolish or not), who figured that they were the next big thing, and so made up their mind to get in on it. God damn it, it made me mad, the calculating cynicism of it.

Anyway, stopping by there was clearly a big mistake, and I obviously should have listened to those of you who emailed me not to do it. I see this now. Part of the problem was just how long of a walk it was: by the time I got back to the center of town, I had missed a couple of the things I wanted to see, and the other ones were already really crowded, with lines out the door. I wound up hanging outside a show by a really cool band who was playing under a tent -- I never did catch the band's name, though, and meanwhile there were so many other loud concerts going on at the same time that there was all this shitty extraneous noise. One other bright spot: I did have a drink after that at a sort of cool bar, where I ran into a friend who said he's planning to come to the event, which is awesome. By the way, definitely still email me if you're planning on coming -- a couple of people from my original crew have bailed, it sounds like, so it would be good to know if I will have some reinforcements.

Rereading this post, I feel like my report is kind of a downer, but I really don't mean it to come off that way. I'm really having an awesome time in Austin, and I really do think that we will succeed in stopping Peter Bjorn and John. Part of the benefit of this blog, I realize, is just to make people aware of the problems with the band, so even if they jump on the bandwagon at first, the doubts that we've lodged in their minds will stay with them in the future. At least I have to hope so. More later.


Anonymous said...

I always find it sad when people spend too much time and energy with something/someone they hate. Asshole!

Anonymous said...

"... my philosophy is that you need to educate people and let them make their own choices, foolish or not..."
By telling them what they needn't like? My god...

Anonymous said...

I think this entire effort is a bit misguided because you have failed to take into account how amazing live music is. I don't like PBJ very much myself, but I guarantee that I would have loved their live show. Protesting these guys when they are playing live is going to be pretty much swimming upstream...

Anonymous said...

THIS IS VIRAL MARKETING FOR THE BAND. Hasn't everyone figured this shit out yet?

Anonymous said...

I'd never even heard of PB&J before i came across this blog. Just bought their new album. Thank you so much for introducing me to this great new band.

Keep up the publicity work. This "reverse psychology" approach is genius.

Danny J said...

I wish this blog would fucking boycott something worthwhile. Like fucking Pepsi. Yeah, it's delicious and really refreshing, but I think we should all focus on knocking it out of the top 2 soda sellers you know. Maybe we should all show up with the PBJ show with tape on our mouths and we should each bring tons of Pepsi, and just pour it on the ground. Walgreens has a sweet sale on Pepsi right now too. Fuck Walgreens. Let's show how much we hate Walgreens by going there and buying all their Pepsi so no one who actually likes Pepsi can drink it. You guys, seriously, don't drink any Pepsi. Seriously. Even if it rules, don't drink it. Buy Zune.

Danny said...

Oops, I posted under the wrong account, shit. Just for that boycott my blog. It's stupid, it's named after a Pavement song (trite!). Boycott it.

Anonymous said...

I know that this blog is way over but I just discovered it and am really amused! This guy is adamant that we suppress the popularity of PB&J (who I happen to like because I heard their song, not because some music mag told me to), but he doesn't even have the presence of mind to get the name of a band that he thinks is really cool so that he can share it with us! ha!

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